2 Seat RZR 1000

2 Seat RZR 1000



Make Your Trip to Doe Mountain an Off Road Adventure!

Come explore the beauty of Doe Mountain on any number of our off-road trails! Our fleet of brand-new Polaris are perfect for a day on the mountain

More info
Please note, all who want to rent a vehicle must be 21 years or older, with proof upon pick-up. Anyone driving the vehicle must be 18 years or older. Also note, upon arrival an insurance hold will need to be placed on the debit/credit card the renter booked with or another debit/credit card.

Hold options include:
Standard protection – $3,000 hold on card (No additional cost)
Premier Protection – $1,500 hold on card (Additional $15)

Options above represent the maximum out of pocket cost for possible damages to the ATV. If total cost for repairs is below the max hold the difference will be returned to the renter.

What to bring/What’s included
Included in your rental price are helmets for all passengers, eye protection, and a trail map of the mountain. Passengers are encouraged to bring gloves, long pants, long sleeves and closed toed shoes. Snacks and drink are encouraged, but are available for purchase at the Adventure Center if you forget.

How to spend your time?
Half-Day Kettle Foot Adventures
Your Four-hour rental begins at the Adventure Center where you’ll have access to several miles of easy to intermediate trails, including a trip to the Historic Kettle Foot Tower, named by a worker during construction in the early half of the last century where he saw a bear with his foot caught in a kettle! Your adventure on these trails will differ throughout the year with beautiful fall colors, amazing spring flowers, and pristine woods covering 8,600 acres of land. Take lunch and picnic at one of our many observation points looking out toward the surrounding mountains and farmlands that surround Doe Mountain.

Full Day- Watauga Lake View Adventure
Your time begins at the Adventure Center, where you will have 8 hours to explore the 8,600 acres of pristine wilderness. We suggest you travel to the further corner to take in the spectacular views of Watauga Lake. Explore tight, challenging trials and hidden gems as you take your time working your way back, or go to the Pioneer Center and enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants accessible by ATV. You will have time to take in most of the sights, including Kettle Foot Fire Tower, Turkey Top, Grouse Ridge, Roan Creek View, and many others as your adventures last the whole day!